August Meeting

Kevin Cann

Supervisor Kevin Cann gave a very good explanation to the Club at our August Meeting of the need for H.R. 3640.   He began by outlining the relationships among the various laws that have been passed or proposed, specifically as they relate to H.R. 3640. 

Map of 3640 Project

He also described how those laws relate to the idea of moving NPS administrative offices from Yosemite Valley to Mariposa and to the concept of an NPS visitors’ center on the corner of Highways 49 and 140 as shown in the Map above. (Note that the details of the plan are shown an expanded view near the top right corner of the map.) Click here to download a higher resolution (10 Mbyte) pdf version of the map.  The NPS visitors’ center would be located on the site of the current Mariposa County Visitor Center (operated by the Tourism Bureau) and would likely have a much larger parking lot and possibly a discovery center – on approximately five acres of commercially zoned land.   He also discussed the desirability of moving more Park employees out of Yosemite Valley to work in Mariposa.

Supervisor Cann also discussed the fact that 3640 is not related to the “4-star hotel/convention center” idea with which this project is often confused.  He also described the occasions when this proposal (3640) and the earlier bill introduced by George Radanovich were discussed and approved by the Board of Supervisors as well as the three front page articles in the Mariposa Gazette on the proposal, undermining the idea that is  proposal was a sneak attack that hadn’t been publically discussed.

He then outlined the reasons that this proposal is important for Mariposa –

-- Having 100 Park employees working in Mariposa means 100 more people eating, and shopping in Mariposa restaurants and stores all year, which means more revenue for Mariposa businesses. Local businesses have already noticed the positive effect of having 45 Park employees in the Stroming Building.
-- Mariposa could lose many of its tourism dollars if it doesn’t address delays at the Arch Rock entrance.  The wait at Arch Rock is considerably longer than at the 120 and 41 entrances and, at some point, people will choose to avoid Mariposa to reduce their transit time.
-- Having an official NPS visitors’ center in town could encourage more visitors to stay in Mariposa as well as speeding their entrance into the Park when they travel there, either in their own vehicles or by public transit.
-- Allowing Park bound visitors to “Ask the ranger” about travel plans and getting their orientation at a visitors center in Mariposa where they would receive a fast pass for quick entry to the Park would very much solve the delays at the Arch Rock entrance.

More details on the meeting and Supervisor Cann’s presentation will be available shortly.

Kevin Cann

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