Q: Is global warming for real or a hoax? Click here to find out.

Q: Are “high” gas prices Obama’s fault? Click here to find out.

Q: President Obama hasn’t accomplished anything.  How can you continue to support him? Click here to find out.

Q: Romney has often claimed that President Obama promised that once the stimulus package was enacted, the unemployment rate would drop and stay below 8%.  Is this claim true? Click here to find out.

Q:  In a recent speech in Iowa, Mitt Romney said our national debt is like a prairie fire and that President Obama has added more to the national debt than all other Presidents combined. He adds that his proposed budget will fix our raging debt problem.   How much of that is true? Click here to find out.

Q:  Republicans often accuse President Obama of being a tax and spend liberal.  Romney seems to equate “Obama’s spending spree” with increasing the national debt.  Obama hasn’t raised taxes but what is his record on spending?  Click here to find out.

Q:  Does Trickle-Down Economics Work?  Are the rich job creators? Click here to find out.

The following section contains FAQ concerning the Affordable Care Act or ACA, a health care reform law that is in place, but will not fully be fully implemented until 2014.  The ACA’s detractors is often referred to the law as “Obamacare”, using it as a pejorative, but recently the Obama campaign claimed the name and is now selling bumper stickers, T-shirts, etc. all of which feature “Obamacare”.  Obamacare is something to be proud of and the name gives credit where credit is due.  Perhaps it will still be referred to as Obamacare 20 years from now when people look back in horror at the older system that denied healthcare to so many citizens. Check out this White House Blog and video on the ACA.

Q: What are the precedents for mandated health care insurance, if any? What would the Founding Fathers have thought of the idea? Click here to find out.

Q: Does the Affordable Care Act, include “Death Panels”? Click here to find out.

Q: Republicans say that the a CBO report said that the Affordable Care Act has doubled in its costs. What is going on? Click here to find out.

Q: Romney and other Republicans have accused Obama of trying to end Medicare as we know it by slashing $716 Billion in Medicare funding in order to pay for the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).  This sounds strange.  What is the truth? Click here to find out.

One of our Mariposa Democratic Club members, Alan Cheah, writes an excellent column for the Sierra Star newspaper where he often debunks misinformation coming from the other side.  Alan’s column is always a good read.