2012 Jefferson Award Winner Announced!

The Mariposa Democratic Club is pleased to announce the winner of this year's Jefferson Award. The award ($500) is given to a high school senior whose essay highlights both their contributions to the community in the past and how they plan to continue to contribute in the future.

This year's winner, Grace Joseph, wrote a thoughtful essay about how she started as a participant in the Mariposa Story Time hour at the library; she later became an assistant, and said she saw how "opening the heart and the imagination through books will lead to a kinder and more accepting world." Ms. Joseph is heading to college to study screenwriting, so that she can write stories to open up other people's hearts.

Club Co-President, Steve Smallcombe presented the award at the Mariposa High School's annual awards ceremony pictured on the right. (Not sure what was so funny!)

Grace read her essay to the club at the June 9th club meeting. You can read the essay here.

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Many thanks to the donors who make this award possible – Anita Starchman, of Starchman and Bryant Law Firm; Jim Archer; Heather Bernikoff; Anne Brock; Caroline Korn; Kathy Lander; Laura Lee; and Len McKenzie.