July Meeting, July 14th, 2012

We had a very full July meeting with John Carrier, a candidate for Mariposa County Supervisorial district 5 as our featured speaker and lots of mini-presentations, including two short videos.

After Rosemarie gave verbal updates on two legislative initiatives, i.e. H.R. 2578 and the attempt to undo the San Joaquin River Restoration Agreement, Steve gave a brief presentation on the Affordable Care Act, recently ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court.  A key point in the presentation is that the Individual Mandate is a penalty intended to discourage undesirable behavior not a tax which is intended to raise revenue.

Rosemarie advised that the Labor Day Parade will proceed on schedule thanks to the volunteer spirit in Mariposa. Aaron talked about the status of the Labor Day Parade float and Shirley briefly discussed County Fair Democratic Club booth plans.

Lucille gave a presentation about effective Democratic Slogans based on her reading of George Lakoff’s “The Little Blue Book – The essential guide to thinking and talking Democratic.”  The Club will be using this book to help assure that we communicate to the community in an effective and positive way.

Steve then gave a presentation on “Who is a job Creator” that featured a video by Nick Hanauer, followed by another video of Elizabeth Warren giving her famous speech about how nobody in America got rich on their own without using lots of public services, such as roads, an educated work force and public safety personnel.

Our featured speaker John Carrier then spoke for about 20 minutes and answered questions from the audience.  John talked about his background, his decision to move to Mariposa, his family and his commitment to the Mariposa Community.  He emphasized that he would drive toward greater transparency in local government and would use his position as Supervisor to bring the Community together to discuss potentially fractious issues. Details from John's talk are below.

Les Marsden announced a town hall meeting for Jack Uppal, the CD 04 candidate, on August 1st, 6 to 8 pm in the Board of Supervisors' chambers in Mariposa. A flyer on the event in pdf format is available here.

Details of John's Talk

John CarrierJohn and his family have lived in Mariposa for 16 years;  John has spent his career in CalFire, but he will be retiring at the end of the year.

One of his main concerns is that without the park (Yosemite), Mariposa's economy is not diverse enough to stand on its own.  Regarding the Buy Local emphasis of the Job Creator Talk and last month's talk about the Mariposa Economy, one thing to consider is that even if things aren't made in Mariposa, when people buy local, the county get sales tax, which is important. Mariposa also needs attractions for off-season and the shoulder seasons; it needs the arts and it needs sports, bands and drama clubs in the schools.

John mentioned that Mariposa is at a crossroads in terms of revenue and expense.  Other things we could do to boost our economy – an arts center; he mentioned that bike racing events are very popular and bring people to the area.  He said that government can create an environment that will create jobs.

John wants Mariposa to stay rural but still be able to afford to repair our roads, etc.  He pointed out that roads such as our national highways made our county thrive; those were paid for by the government and he believes that government has a role in providing infrastructure.

He believes it's important as a Supervisor to stay in touch with constituents.

In response to Questions: 

Re Silvertip - it's in bankruptcy; the bank is looking for east coast investors. John believes they won't obtain additional financing any time soon due to economic conditions. The main reason Silvertip (and other projects) didn't succeed is that there wasn't enough communication between groups as the plan changed. He wants to facilitate that communication so projects go more smoothly in the future.

Re 7th Day Adventist Camp - the 7th Day Adventist Church won the lawsuit. John says that he feels it will stay a kids' camp, as it is currently, but that the buildings are falling down and do need to be replaced.

He stated that the cost of EIRs and other items associated with new developments should fall on developers, not on the taxpayers of Mariposa.

His feelings about development: If any proposed development meets all legal requirements, it must be allowed to proceed. But project promoters need to communicate their plans and timeframes clearly to the county and to the people of the communities most directly impacted.

Some final comments - he was on the 2006 grand jury; through it, he developed a great appreciation for the workers in the county.

He emphasized that he would drive toward greater transparency in local government and would use his position as Supervisor to bring the Community together to discuss potentially fractious issues.

Here is a link information John Carrier has provided us about his candidacy for the District 5 Supervisors race.