Mariposa Democratic Club
Minutes, 7/13/2013

Speaker - Lee Stetson District 1 Mariposa Democratic Supervisor

Lee StetsonMr.

Stetson was very positive about the state of the county. He has seen a lot of improvements; he mentioned there are only 4 department heads remaining from when he was supervisor, and praised all of the current dept heads.  He said he ran for the board again because he really liked the new supervisors and has found them good to work with.

He mentioned how the new fire stations came almost all from grants, not general fund; some funding came from CSA and from the tobacco tax.

Upcoming costs include the courthouse and the municipal building.

Asked about high-speed internet; he said they are not working on anything new, although a private organization, Xplore, is working with Central Sierra Connect. Re sign ordinance – a compliance officer has been hired and wayfinding signs are under construction.  A member asked about the dying redwoods on 140; Mr. Stetson’s opinion is that they should never have been planted due to the amount of water they need and he is glad to see they are going away.

Re firefighter compensation for Carstens’ fire – he said the fire chief needed to bring the request through the normal process, that it wasn’t an emergency that they could act on. It would be $12,500 a day if they do reimburse the people involved.  Mr. Stetson then praised the coordination among the various agencies during the Carstens fire and said they had learned a lot since the Telegraph fire.

Mr. Stetson covered other interesting topics, including how to get rural counties heard in Sacramento; how Dems can get elected in a Republican county; and the upcoming MidPines Community Plan.

Fair booth – Keeping messaging from last year; need booth signups

Float – Need someone to organize the float

Meeting adjourned 11:30