June Meeting

Dan Flaming

We had a very exciting meeting on June 9th with our featured speaker, Daniel Flaming, talking about how being a small, rural county shapes Mariposa's economy.  His recent study brings together information that has not been available before to look at where tourists spend money, the role of agriculture and its strengths, where job growth is happening, wage trends, how Mariposa compares to neighboring counties, and possibilities for sustaining growth.

Dan's emphasis was on exploring with the community how our economy can offer sustaining opportunities for families while preserving the rural character that makes Mariposa so enjoyable.   Don’t expect Dan to have all the answers.  There are no silver bullets, but rather Dan introduced topics that were important to discuss in thinking about our economy, and help us understand that the answers we eventually find may have more to do with job quality than with job growth.

The updated version of Dan's talk, given at the meeting, is available here in PowerPoint Web format. A pdf version (4.2 Mbytes) of the talk is also available for download.

Dan and his wife Susan have had a home in Ponderosa Basin since 1991 and they are active members of our Mariposa Democratic Club. Both, however, still have jobs in Los Angeles, where Dan is president of the Economic Roundtable.  Dan has a Ph.D. in urban planning and has spent much of his professional life collecting and analyzing data and making recommendations to policy makers and other stakeholders in the LA area.  The primary focus of the Economic Roundtable is developing strategies that contribute to a robust economy and desirable quality of life.  Dan’s study of Mariposa County offers new and practical information about choices for developing Mariposa's economy.

If you missed Dan's talk, he is giving his talk again at a Pax Christi Meeting on:

JULY 19, 2012
3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Jack Uppal

Jack Uppal, the Democratic Candidate for the 4th Congressional District representing the mountain/foothill communities, was at the meeting to discuss the primary results and talk about his campaign going forward to November.

The Mariposa Democratic Club will fully support Jack's campaign between now and November.









Marc Boyd

Marc Boyd was at the meeting to thank all his friends in Mariposa for their efforts in his campaign. We are looking forward to working with Marc on his next campaign.

Grace Joseph

We also had our 2012 Jefferson Award winner, Grace Joseph, read her winning essay, as well as a slide show featuring pictures from all the events that the club hosted in the late April/May timeframe, the Marc Boyd House Parties, the CD04 Caucus, the Spring Fling and the Jefferson Award.

Grace and Brent Joseph

Grace and Jack

June Meeting Attendees