Mariposa Democratic Club
Meeting Minutes, 6/8/2013

Speaker – Lt. Cody Hart, Jail Commander

Cody HartLt.

Hart gave a great presentation on the county jail and the changes that are happening with realignment. He has been with the department for 10 plus years, so he has some good history with it.

Realignment effects: Prior to realignment, the state prisons handled the division of adult parole and incarcerated any inmate who was charged with more than 1 year on a single charge. The local jail housed pre-trial inmages, court commitments, parole violations, DUIs and inmates with less than a year term on a single charge.

With realignment, things changed. The first thing Lt. Hart emphasized was that no inmates were sent from state prisons to local jails; and there were no early releases. But for new sentences, “non-violent, non-serious, non-sex offender” prisoners now go to the local jails. “Local” is determined by a combination of where the crime was committee, where the person lives, and where the case was adjudicated. The state did send some money to the counties, which is administered by a group called the CCP (Community Corrections Partnership). Lt. Hart covered other changes as well

Lt. Hart then discussed the local facilities; tours are available if anyone wants one. The facility is rated for 58 inmates but has held up to 65 people. Capacity varies a bit depending on number of women and how that affects the room situation. Some of the cells are set up for ADA access. Because the jail was meant for short-term incarceration, the “yard” is just a concrete box, basically, open to the sky, with no recreation facilities; not sure what the impact of limited facilities will be on  inmates now being jailed for longer terms.

Next CORE was discussed – Center for Opportunity, Re-entry and Education; this program works with inmates while incarcerated and after release in various ways. Handled through Heritage House and funded by the CCP mentioned earlier.

The jail has a two and a half million dollar budget; this is the Sheriff’s budget, not part of the general fund. They have had it frozen for the past few years, so it has been difficult –for example, medical expenses have gone up.

Lt. Hart sees the biggest challenge in the near future around having inmates who are used to the state prison facilities being now housed locally with fewer resources.

A lot of other great info was covered; we will try to post his presentation on our site!

AB900 –Came out of committee with the reversal of the reimbursement rate cuts, but unfortunately the requirement to reimburse for the two years of overpayment – the reversal of that has been stripped from the bill. Everyone should contact Gov. Brown and Assemblymember Bigelow (letters passed out at meeting)

Fair/float – Looking good; we want lots of people to join us on the float and, if possible, to come early to decorate it! (Sat. of Labor Day weekend – details to follow). Shirley has a booth signup sheet; she will circulate it at July’s meeting; we will also email list to get volulnteers.

Treasurer’s report – Full report will be on website; we have about $900 in bank once the Jefferson Award check is cashed.

Annoucements –Lee Stetson will be our speaker in July; Frank Bigelow will come speak in Oct. Rosemarie asked if there was interest in having someone from the new mining company speak (Eric Moeller); there was, we’ll try to get him in.
Meeting adjourned 11:20