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By-Laws of the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee




Adopted April 21, 1975

Revised 11-78, 12-80, 10-81, 3-84, 7-90, 11-94, 1-12, 6-12, 1-13


The name of this organization shall be THE MARIPOSA COUNTY DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE, and is the official Democratic Party Committee of Mariposa County. Its purpose is to:



Promote and support the California Democratic Party;



Represent the Democratic Party in and for Mariposa County;



Promote development of the Democratic Party in Mariposa County;



  Support and promote Democratic candidates;



Encourage Democratic voter registration and voting;



Raise funds for Party activities; and



Perform Democratic Party functions as required by California State law, and as deemed appropriate, State and National Democratic Parties and other official sources.



Section 1-Membership

The Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee shall consist of a fixed number of members per each supervisorial district, as determined by the County Clerk in accordance with Section 7200 of the Elections Code following each gubernatorial election. Following the decennial census.  As of the year of this revision (2012) those fixed numbers are as follows:  District ONE: 6, District TWO: 3, District THREE: 4, District FOUR: 5, and District FIVE: 4 for a total of 22 members.

In Presidential election years, to be a member, one must file a petition containing the stated number of legal signatures. Legal signatures are those of registered Democrats living in the candidate’s Supervisorial district. The candidate runs for election in the June primary. The four (4) year term begins in January on the date of the first regular meeting at which time members will be sworn in by the county clerk or legally deputized representative.

Vacancies may be filled by appointment of the Committee, through motion and simple majority vote.

Each member may appoint an Alternate from the same Supervisorial District. Alternates shall have the privilege of voice at all meetings. An Alternate shall vote only in the absence of the member for whom he/she is the Alternate.

Vote by Proxy shall be permitted. A written Proxy may be given to any member or Alternate.

Section 2-Quorum

A quorum for the transaction of business by the County Central Committee shall consist of 51% of current


Section 1-Officers

Officers of the County Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary and a

The Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson must be elected or appointed members of the County Central Committee. The Secretary and the Treasurer may be members or Alternates of the County Central Committee.

Terms of officers shall be four years and elections of officers shall be conducted at the January meeting of the institution of the new Central Committee (that is, the January following the Presidential election year).  Officer vacancies may be filled by appointment of the Chairperson.

The Committee may, at its discretion, elect individuals to serve temporarily as Committee officers and/or members or representatives to the State Democratic Party as need may arise, for a term not to exceed 90-calendar days, or until such time as an election is held to fill the position for the remainder of the designated term, whichever comes first.

Section 2-Duties

The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall preside and in the absence of both, the Committee shall elect a temporary Chairperson from among the members present.

The Chairperson shall appoint all committees and fill vacancies on committees. At least fifty percent (50%) of each committee shall be members of the Central Committee. Standing committees shall be; Budget Committee, Audit Committee & Nominating Committee. The Chairperson shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all regular meetings of this body.  Minutes shall be presented at the subsequent meeting for approval and approval into the record.  Secretary shall be responsible for the official correspondence and record-keeping of this body.

The Treasurer shall issue receipts for all monies received and submit a report of receipts and disbursements and cash on hand at every regular meeting.

The Treasurer shall prepare and submit semi-annual reports to the County Clerk to be forwarded to the
Secretary of State in accordance with the Fair Political Practices Act.

Section 3-California Democratic Party Membership

At the January meeting during the formation of the new Central Committee membership following the Presidential election year election, the membership will elect five (5) persons to serve as delegates to the California Democratic Party Central Committee, one of the five to serve on the Executive Board of the Democratic Party. The persons elected must have been elected or appointed to the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee for the term beginning the following January. Equal gender division is necessary. The Chairperson shall notify the State Party of the results of these elections within three (3) days.  Annual CDP dues for the five delegates will be paid by from the Treasury of the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee (see Policy Page.)  Registration for Executive Board Meetings and agreed-upon expenses for the Executive Board Member will be paid from the Treasury of the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee.  Such fees, registration and expenses will only be paid as long as the delegate of Executive Board member serves in good standing.

All members of the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee are also voting members of the 5th
A.D. (Assembly District).

Section 4-Democratic Clubs

Only the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee can and may charter Democratic Clubs in
Mariposa County. (Policy for chartering is found following page four on the Policy Page.



Section 1-Regular Meetings

The regular meetings of the County Central Committee shall be held at least quarterly.

Section 2-Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the County Committee Chairperson when deemed necessary. The purpose of the special meeting is to be stated. A special meeting shall be called within ten (10) days when requested in writing by any five (5) members of the County Central Committee.


Section 1-Endorsements

It shall be the policy of this Committee to inform the people of Mariposa County of those candidates who uphold the principles and practices of the Democratic Party. This policy may include endorsement of Candidates in non-partisan races, but shall be subject to the provisions of the State Party By-Laws.

Section 2-Partisan Endorsements

The endorsement of partisan candidates shall be subject to the provisions of the State Party By-Laws governing such endorsements.

The committee may vote a recommended position for its delegates to local endorsing conventions of the state party and to the state convention on endorsements related to statewide races. Such a vote shall not constitute an official endorsement of the committee and shall not be binding on any delegate. Such votes shall require a one month notice to membership, 60% of those members present and voting, for approval and be by secret ballot.

Section 3-Non Partisan Endorsements

Direct County Committee endorsements of non-partisan candidates shall be limited to county-wide races and special districts.

County Committees shall retain primary jurisdiction in all nonpartisan endorsements. All local club endorsements shall be ratified by the County Committee before they are deemed official endorsements of the Party.

Only registered Democrats will be considered for such endorsements.


Section 1

Any resignation presented in writing to the Chairperson or the Secretary shall be final.


Section 2

Any officer may be recalled from the office held on the County Committee for failure to perform duties satisfactorily. The procedure shall be as follows:

(a)  A majority of the members of the County Committee may initiate recall proceedings by filing a signed petition for recall with the Secretary of the County Committee, with a copy furnished at the same time to the Officer involved in the petition.
(b)  The petition shall set forth specifically the manner and degree to which duties have not been performed satisfactorily judged basically on the description of the duties in these by-laws.
(c)  The petition shall be read, for informational purposes, at the next regular meeting of the County
Committee following the filing of the petition with the Secretary.
(d)          At the following regular meeting following the reading of the petition, the recall shall be voted upon.
(e)   The Officer involved in the recall shall have at least twenty minutes for rebuttal.
(f)          Voting shall be by secret ballot, and a two-thirds vote of those present and voting shall be required for recall.


Section 1

These by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the County Central Committee at which a quorum is present, by a two-thirds vote of those present.

Section 2

In compliance with Elections Code Section 7853, any member, other than an ex-officio member, of a County Central Committee who misses more than three consecutive regularly called meetings may be removed by a vote of the Committee, unless such absence is caused by illness or temporary absence from the County on the date of the meeting or other reasons acceptable to the Committee.

Section 3

It is the duty of each County Central Committee Member and the County Central Committee to support only registered Democrats for public office. The seat of any member who supports a candidate of any other party at any election where a Democrat, endorsed by the County Central Committee, is also a candidate, shall forthwith be declared vacant.





For a Democratic Club in Mariposa County to be chartered by the Mariposa County Democratic Central
Committee the following conditions must be met:

An application for a charter must include:



The name of the Club



The names and addresses of at least ten (10) members who are registered Democrats.



The name and title of the club officers.



A brief statement regarding the purpose of the club.

The applications shall be accompanied by a $10 Charter fee.

Charters will be granted following appropriate action, duly recorded in the minutes of a regular or special meeting of the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee.

Annually, each Chartered Club is requested to submit the names and addresses of at least ten 10 members who are registered Democrats, and the names and titles of its officers. These shall be due at the regular April meeting of the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee and delinquent at the August meeting.


Adopted April 13, 1981



1-12:  The MCDCC approved a change to Article I, Section 1 to increase the length of the term members may serve from two to four years.

6-12:  The MCDCC approved a change to Article I, Section 3 (now Section 2) to change the definition of ‘quorum’ from five (5) members to 51% of current members.

1-13:  The MCDCC approved a change to Article II, Section 1 to provide for election of temporary officers, members and representatives to the State Party. 1-13 R1 to change typos.