The Mariposa Democratic Club meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Miners’ Inn, 5181 Highway 49 N, Mariposa CA.

The public is welcome to join us at 9:00 AM for breakfast or at 9:30 for the meeting.

We typically discuss local, state and national topics that are of current interest to Democrats, often with one or more presentations by the members or guests. 

Please see the presentation page for some of our recent presentations.

October Meeting

The October Meeting of the Mariposa Democratic Club feature District 5 Supervisorial Candidate, Ed Mee.  We also had a discussion of the November Ballot Initiatives featuring Lisa Edelheit talking about Propositions 30, 32 and 38.  Steve Smallcombe gave a short presentation on Proposition 37 that along with other details of the meeting are available here.

September Meeting

At our September 2012 Meeting we had three candidates for the John C. Fremont Hospital Board talk to us about the Hospital Board and their qualifications to be on the Hospital Districts’ Board of Directors.  Lynn Jacobsson also spoke about CARA (California Alliance for Retired Americans) and their positions on ballot propositions of particular concern, and a protest that afternoon in Fresno at a Paul Ryan fundraiser.  For details and photos of all of the above, click here.

August Meeting: At our August 11th meeting, Supervisor Kevin Cann will address the Club and answer questions about HR 3640 and the proposed Yosemite Visitors Center in Mariposa.

Kevin will present information on House bill 3640. The bill, now before the House Committee on Natural Resources, is a necessary first step to permit the Park Service to acquire land in Mariposa. If the bill is approved the Park Service, as a Federal Agency, will then be authorized to go through a full NEPA conceptual design process providing many opportunities for public input and comment. At the end of that process the NPS will have identified the exact land necessary and the facilities to be provided. Kevin is prepared to outline the process, answer questions and respond to concerns about the bill and all related potentials for development. Kevin will also review support from the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation, the Tourism Bureau and the Mariposa County Business Association.

July Meeting: We had a very full July meeting with John Carrier, a candidate for Mariposa County Supervisorial district 5 as our featured speaker and lots of mini-presentations, including two short videos about how consumers create jobs. For details on the meeting and to see the presentations click here.

June Meeting: We had a very exciting meeting on June 9th with our featured speaker, Daniel Flaming, talking about how being a small, rural county shapes Mariposa's economy.  His recent study brings together information that has not been available before to look at where tourists spend money, the role of agriculture and its strengths, where job growth is happening, wage trends, how Mariposa compares to neighboring counties, and possibilities for sustaining growth. For more info about the meeting and to view Dan's presentation click here.

May Meeting: There was no regular meeting in May as we hosted two house parties for Marc Boyd on May 12th or normal meeting date.

April Meeting: We had a great meeting in April with our guest speaker, Mr. Keith Williams, the Mariposa County Registrar of Voters.  He spoke to the club about the new Top Two Open Primary and other election related issues.  See a report on the Meeting here.

March Meeting: The March meeting was a great working meeting with lots of good ideas.  We voted on priorities and came up with three areas where we feel club members can make a difference in this year's election! In case you were not at the meeting, here they are:

1) Letters to the Editor - Our member Cameron Burley wrote a great letter that's in the Mariposa Gazette that came out last Thursday - http://www.mariposagazette.com/current/Commentary - scroll down to "Our Heritage". Let's get more letters written!

2) Take back the slogans! If you see a bumper sticker or see a slogan from the conservative viewpoint - let's come up with a positive Democratic slogan to counter it!  Send your slogans in to this mariposademclub@gmail.com and if you have a positive counter, include that! We'll get them out to everyone once we have a bunch and include them in the club’s website FAQ.

3) Reach out to Democrats who aren't club members. Much more on this to come; but so many Democrats in this county think they are the only ones around; let's reach out to them and let them know they aren't alone!

Thanks to everyone who was at the meeting for coming up with such constructive suggestions! Now let's get going!