Mariposa Democratic Club November 2012 Meeting

The Mariposa Democratic Club held two events in November right after the election.  On election night, we had a party at the Hideout Saloon in Mariposa with about 50 people in attendance.  Good beer, good snacks, good friends, a great location and a good night in general for Democrats lead to a very festive occasion.  We stayed till Obama’s re-election was well and truly in the bag and props 30 and 32 were well on their way to passage.  The only downer of the night was, of course, that Jack Uppal lost to Tom McClintock, and so we will have one of the most conservative Tea Party types “representing” us in congress for the next couple of years.

The celebration continued at our November Club Meeting on the 10th where we watched two videos, one with Rachael Maddow outlining the gains Democrats made across the nation, and a second video about the origin of our current national debt.

Lynn Jacobsson then spoke briefly and passed out materials outlining various proposals for dealing with our upcoming so-called “Fiscal Cliff.”  We’ll be uploading a letter drafted by Lynn to our website and encouraging everyone to write our Congressional representatives.

Dem Club member, Suzette Prue, was reelected to the John C. Fremont Hospital Board.  She spoke briefly about a proposed reduction in State support for the long term care provided by the Hospital.  She noted that the Hospital already loses approximately $500,000 each year on long term care and, if the reduction is implemented, that loss will double – a situation that is obviously not sustainable.  Suzette advised that a meeting with the Board of Supervisors will be scheduled soon.  When a date has been set, Anne Brock will send a notice so that everyone who’s interested can attend and express their concerns.

John Carrier

John Carrier, who had spoken at our July meeting and has attended club meetings regularly since then, spoke about his election victory as District 5 Supervisor for Mariposa County and shared his thoughts on some of the issues the County will be facing in the upcoming year.