Pax Christi Module on Climate Change


This recently updated module, God's Creation Cries for Justice, is sponsored by Pax Christi Mariposa. It will present thought-provoking readings, challenging discussions and inspiring actions to help to prepare participants both to protect God's gift of this planet for future generations and to ensure that our brothers and sisters living in poverty may be able to adapt to unfolding climate change.

This is an approach to Climate Change that focuses on the themes of prudence, poverty and the common good. The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change has partnered with JustFaith Ministries to connect the principles of Catholic social teaching and climate change.

This eight week program will draw out arguments for and against action and demonstrate-through both faith and science-the hazards of doing nothing.

The eight sessions are on the following Thursday evenings, from 6:00 to 8:00p.m. in
St. Joseph's Parish (upper ) Hall, 4985 Bullion Street, Mariposa. Snacks will be served,

Feb. 7th Session 1: Awe and Gratitude for Creation—Reflections on our place in and
Responsibility for God's creation
Feb. 14th Session 2: Awakening to Awareness-Introduction to the climate change crisis
Feb. 21st Session 3: Voices from the Scientific Community—Sharing responses
Feb. 28th Session 4: Voices of the Vulnerable—How the poor and marginalized are
Mar. 21st Session5: Voice of the Vulnerable (continued)—Discussion of environmental
April 4th Session 6: Signs of Hope—What are people doing to address climate change?
April 11th Session 7: Immersion Experience or Guest Speaker—an active engagement
April 18th Session 8: Where Do We Go From Here? A faith commitment to "Live
Simply so that others may simply live"

$25.00 per person/couple. Scholarships are available.

For more information contact: Diana Terra 966-2569, Gerry Fuller 742-6817, or Jean Giedt 966-3271