September 8th 2012 Meeting









At our September Meeting we had a brief report on our Float/Fair Booth activities:
Sold 109 buttons, got 196 signatures on the San Joaquin River campaign. Suggestions for next year: upfront training for staffers; continue binder and expand; how to get people into building A; our role in the booth should be “Ambassador” for Dems; thought our booth was once again much more attractive than the Republican booth; recommend larger print for people who don’t want to come into the booth; YEA!! For Michelle cutout.

Hospital Board

Hospital District:  Candidates for the Board of Directors
The John C. Fremont Board of Directors are elected; this year there are 3 openings and 4 people running, so it will be on the ballot for the first time in quite awhile. This is a district-wide election, so we should vote for three out of four of the candidates.  The Board hires the CEO, approves policies, strategizes, prioritizes, approves the annual budget, and has various subcommittees focusing on finance, education, marketing.

Candidates running:  incumbents: Suzette Prue; Candy Harrison; Samuel (Mike) McCreary; challenger: Carl Wood.  Carl, Suzette and Mike are pictured above (left to right).  Candy was out of town so unable to be at meeting.

Suzette – started off involved in the Hospital Foundation, then  joined the Board of Directors in 1999; the last 18 months, the hospital has seen an increase in income. They have a new CT scanner; and they have an out of town neurologist that can consult on cases through web/video type hookup over the net. They have new equipment for colonoscopies and endoscopies. Big push on Electronic Medical Records which has cost about $2 million; will be great when fully implemented. Suztte has a background in finance and HR management.

Suzette also mentioned that Candy Harrison is a retired nurses assistant; first PA at the clinic; after retirement, she was appointed to the board and has served since.

Mike (Samuel) – He’s been in Mariposa for six years; was a budget officer for county medical center when in the bay area; also directed outpatient care for Alameda Co. Tax subsidies keep the hospital and ER open. 40% of residents are 55 or older; 30% 60 or older; specialists come to JC Fremont so we don’t have to travel. When he first joined, hospital had 3 hours cash on hand; now they have had 2 yrs of positive balance sheets, with 3rd year will be able to borrow to get hospital replaced.

Carl Wood – not an incumbent – he is pharmacist at Pioneer Market. He has been in the health care industry since 1973; was a pharmacist for long term care; then opened and ran his own pharmacy in a hospital. Later he got a specialty in nuclear pharmacy. Has been COO of long-term care facility and of Express Scripts; came to Mariposa 3 yrs ago to start the pharmacy in Pioneer. He sees patients every day at the pharmacy and has a personal interest in helping them.

Lynn Jacobsson

Lynn Jacobson –  CARA and the November Ballot Propositions:
Lynn discussed CARA (California Alliance for Retired Americans) and their positions on propositions of particular concern: recommend Yes on 30; No on 38 (competing tax increase); No on 31, 32 and 33.

Lynn also mentioned that CARA was helping to protest a Vice Presidential Candidate, Paul Ryan, fundraiser in Fresno that afternoon. Club members Lynn and Alan Cheah attended the protest as did the Club Co-Presidents as pictured below. This event was right after Ryan was criticized by most everyone, including FOX News, for a convention speech that was the biggest collection of blatant lies anyone could remember, and the day after his fib was revealed about his marathon time. It was a very hot afternoon in Fresno, especially on a sunny street corner, but it was good fun.  It was also pretty easy to spot those going to the fundraiser as they drove by with their fancy dress and big cars!


RMS Protest

Lynn & Alan