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Welcome to the website for the Mariposa Democratic Club.

Next Topic for Democratic Club: Saving Planned Parenthood
The Washington DC Right has begun the fight against Planned Parenthood and we are beginning the fight to save and keep it.

They are trying to paint Planned Parenthood as just an abortion provider, but it is so much more than that. Women, and by extension, men, have been relying on Planned Parenthood for decades and don’t plan to let anyone run this organization out of business.

This Saturday, April 8, representatives from Planned Parenthood will visit the Mariposa Democratic Club and provide an overview of ALL the services they provide, along with information on their funding sources.

This will be a very important meeting and we encourage all to make plans to attend. The meeting starts at 9:30am at Miners Roadhouse. If you would like to order breakfast for yourself please arrive at 9am. Free coffee and water will be provided.

This event is sponsored by the Mariposa Democratic Club and after the presentation there will be a short club meeting.

Current events discussion planned for next Dem Club meeting

Many Mariposans have expressed a desire to just talk about what has been going on in the country the last few months and feel a need to just spend time with like-minded folks and discuss it.
A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. They started hundreds of years ago and began to die out with the invention of television.

A host will throw out a topic and everyone can discuss it for 15 minutes. Then the host will move on to the next topic until 90 minutes have elapsed. Suggested topics include safe havens, patriotism, attacks on the press, and whatever important current event is occurring at that time.

Patriotism has a new face in Mariposa

A new surge of Mariposans are trying to make a difference and two new progressive groups, Mariposa Action and Progressive Mariposa made presentations at our Feb 11 meeting. A statement from Next Steps was also presented at the meeting.

Progressive Mariposa, Mariposa Action, and Next Steps have all formed in the last three months and so far about 220 people are involved in their various pursuits.

Progressive Mariposa has provided a space for people to talk about important issues of our society. They just recently sent 19 high school students to see the film “Hidden Figures” as a way of encouraging young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. They advocate for social, economic and racial justice in the county and work with other groups on common ground.

Mariposa Action is another very active group that spearheaded a recent afternoon of advocacy with Congressman Tom McClintock’s staff to keep the Affordable Care Act. They seek common ground on issues that affect society, and take direct action to fight inequity.
Next Steps was started after a number of local women attend the Women’s March in Washington, DC. While there, they heard a suggestion on 10 steps to take during the next 100 days to let public officials know their opinions. So far, they have been gathering together to send large numbers of postcards to elected officials stating their opinions and wishes for America.

This meeting was brought to you as a public service of the Mariposa Democratic Club.


January Meeting: Martha Gamez, with the California Democratic Party (CDP), is making a special guest appearance in Mariposa on Saturday, January 14, 2017.

Gamez is CDP’s Regional Director for Region 4 which includes Assembly Districts 5, 12, 13 and 21 encompassing 12 counties. Her work involves growing the red and rural districts in California for the Democratic Party.

Gamez began in 2006 by working to elect Jerry McNerney, Congressman for the 9th District representing parts of San Joaquin County, East Contra Costa County, and southern Sacramento County. Her success meant McNerney defeated Richard Pombo, a Republican 14 year veteran of Congress.

After that Gamez went to work for the Democratic National Committee, as part of the State Partnership Program, which was Howard Dean's vehicle for implementing his 50-State Strategy, and was assigned to the California Democratic Party. After that assignment, she went to work directly for the CDP. Gamez has traveled extensively throughout California working with grassroots activists, Democratic county central committees and chartered clubs providing assistance and trainings. She has also worked closely on the 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 campaigns.

While in Mariposa she will be speaking to the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee, as well as the Mariposa Democratic Club, about ways to grow.

This should be an interesting topic for anyone who wants to learn how to get involved in the political process. The public is invited to attend Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. at the Miners Roadhouse, corner of Hwy 140 and 49. Please arrive at 9 a.m. if you wish to have breakfast.

December Meeting: Because of the many competing priorities in December, the Mariposa Democratic Club meeting for December is canceled.

We will be back the second Saturday of January at Miners Roadhouse, 9am for breakfast, 9:45 for the program.

The speaker will be announced later.

Hope everyone has/had a great Thanksgiving!

Mark your calendars for election night!
On election night we held an election watching party at the Miners’ Inn to celebrate the election of the first female President.  The turnout was good in terms of having lots of people there, but not so good in terms of the election results.

Wondering about how to vote on the ballot propositions? Here is the California Democratic Party’s recommendations.

October Meeting, October 8th, 2016

The October Meeting will feature a presentation on the Mariposa Biomass Project by Steve Smallcombe.  A web-based version of the presentation is available here.

September Meeting, September 10th, 2016

Robin Hopper, Mariposa County Superintendent of Schools, will be discussing Measure L, the local bond initiative to repair, upgrade and modernize our school facilities. She will be at the September Mariposa Democratic Club meeting on Saturday, September 10th. The meeting starts at 9:45 a.m. at Miner’s Roadhouse; please join us at 9:00 am. if you want to purchase breakfast first.

Along with this local measure, there are many state initiatives that are going to be on the November ballot, 17 at last count. It’s easy to think “too much!” and just vote no on all of them. Ms. Hopper will let you know why it is important to vote Yes for Measure L; this, along with a Yes on Prop 51, will mean a huge boost for our local schools’ facilities.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this meeting, regardless of party preference. Schools are not a partisan issue, and good schools are important to Mariposa’s success.

The Mariposa Democratic Club meets the second Saturday of most months at Miner’s Roadhouse Restaurant. Join us at 9:00 a.m. if you want to purchase breakfast or at 9:45 a.m. for the speaker and meeting. Call 209-742-1010 if you have any questions.

July Meeting, July 9th 2016

Beth Pratt Bergstrom, the California Director for the National Wildlife Federation, will be speaking at our July meeting about Mountain Lions and how to live with them without hurting them or them hurting you. She has a new book "When Mountain Lions are Neighbors”, available on amazon.com, and is working to get a wildlife crossing built for Mountain Lions (and other wildlife) over the 101 in the San Fernando Valley. This is going to be a really interesting meeting; please come, and as always, everyone is invited, regardless of political affiliation. Time: 9:45 for meeting, 9:00 to purchase breakfast; Place: Miner's Roadhouse.

Here is a link to the California Democratic Party endorsements for the primary.

Senator Tom Berryhill and the California Highway Patrol have arranged a free Senior Scam Stopper seminar; it's Friday, June 10, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. in Oakhurst - Cal. Hway Patrol, 40500 Redbud Drive, Oakhurst, CA 93644
Please RSVP by June 7th to Mary Ann Kaloostian at 559-253-7122 or maryalice.kaloostian@sen.ca.gov

June Meeting

Our June 11 Meeting will feature Kevin Cann, supervisor for District 4. He's running unopposed this year, but he'll be there to answer questions and let us know what he's done and what he hopes to accomplish. Everyone is welcome, not just Democrats. Time: 9:45 for meeting, 9:00 to purchase breakfast; Place: Miner's Roadhouse.

May Meeting

At our May meeting, we'll be hearing from people running for the contested supervisorial district spots. Come and hear them! Everyone is welcome, not just Democrats. Time: 9:45 for meeting, 9:00 to purchase breakfast; Place: Miner's Roadhouse; Date: Sat, May 14.

Speakers: District 5 – John Carrier (incumbent) and Miles Menetrey; District 2 – Merlin Jones (incumbent), Debbie Cook and Thane Suderman. This is a great chance to hear why they are running and what their goals are; and what they have accomplished, for those who are incumbents.

April Meeting

The Mariposa Democratic Club is pleased to announce we will be focusing on the primary election for the next two meetings, our April meeting (Saturday, April 9) and our May meeting (Saturday, May 14). Both meetings start at 9:45 a.m. at Miner’s Roadhouse; please join us at 9:00 if you want to purchase breakfast first.

Our April meeting is focused on candidates opposing Congressman McClintock and Assemblymember Bigelow. We have four confirmed candidates coming to speak to us: Robert Derlet, a physician from Twain Harte, who is running against Rep. McClintock; and the three candidates running against Assemblymember Bigelow – Robert Carabas of Twain Harte, Kai Ellsworth of Greenwood, and Mark Belden of Mokelumne Hill.

We encourage everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to come to the meetings to meet the candidates; it’s a good way to find out what they are passionate about and what they want to do for the areas they represent. Local politics is important; this is a good step in the voting decision process.

March Meeting, Saturday March 12th

The Mariposa Democratic Club is pleased to announce that Dr. LeRoy Westerling, Associate Professor of Management, University of California, Merced, will be speaking at our meeting on Saturday, March 12, 2016, 9:45 a.m., at Miner’s Roadhouse. Dr. Westerling will be discussing “Climate, Fuels and Wildfire: how forest management and climate change are shaping forest wildfire frequency, size, severity and emissions.”

Dr. LeRoy Westerling, PhD, an Associate Professor at UC Merced, is a noted forecaster who studies the effect of climate change on fire forecasting. He has research interests in applied climatology, climate-ecosystem-wildfire interactions, statistical modeling for seasonal forecasts, paleofire reconstructions, and climate change impact assessments. He has also been affiliated with the Sierra Nevada Research Institute.

Debate Night, Thursday Feb 11th

Join the MCDCC (Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee) at Miner's Roadhouse for the next Democratic debate on Thursday Feb. 11th. Our two candidates continue to exhibit intelligence and grace under pressure; let's see what they have to say in the next debate! It's going to be a fun evening; let us know if you can make it if you haven't already. It's at Miner's Roadhouse; debate starts at 6, arrive at 5 or so if you want to purchase dinner. And remember - there is a full bar, so you can purchase drinks as well!

February Meeting, Saturday Feb 13

We have Don Florence, Office of Emergency Services (OES), coming to talk to us. He's going to focus on the office's role in the tree mortality crisis, but will be open to other questions as well! That's Miner's Roadhouse, Sat, Feb 13, 9:00 a.m. to purchase breakfast, 9:45 for meeting. As we heard in our last meeting, the trees will be dying for several years after the drought finally ends (and it's not over yet) so let's hear what OES has to say about it. 

January Meeting, Saturday January 9th

We're excited to kick off the year with a presentation from CalFire representatives. CalFire will discuss with us what they've learned from last summer's Butte and other fires; remind us of fire prevention techniques; and answer your questions about fires in California and how to reduce them. You can see a video of Frank’s presentation here, thanks to the Sierra Sun Times, or download the presentation as a pdf document here.

December Meeting, Saturday December 12th

The Mariposa Democratic Club is pleased to announce that Mary Hodson, Mariposa County Administrative Officer (CAO), will be speaking at our meeting on Saturday, December 12, 2015. Ms. Hodson was appointed to the CAO role almost a year ago; prior to that she was Deputy County Administrative Officer, which means she has a lot of experience with this role. Her responsibilities include acting as an agent and representative of the Board; enforcing Board policy; recommending the annual budget; exercising continuous budgetary control; recommending efficient operating procedures; and recommending effective administrative reorganizations. We know there is always interest in how the budget is doing; the process seemed fairly smooth this year, but we look forward to hearing more from Ms. Hodson about that and her other responsibilities. 

Ms. Hodson has also recently taken on some of the responsibilities of the Health Officer with the vacancy in that role; hopefully she can update us on what this means for her and the county.

November Meeting, Saturday November 14th

Our speaker at the November 14th meeting is  Beth Tomsick, from Mariposa Habitat for Humanity. She will be discussing their programs, successes, and challenges at our Nov. meeting.

October Meeting Saturday, October 10

Supervisor Rosemarie Smallcombe spoke to the Mariposa Democratic Club on Oct 10th. Questions from the audience focused the conversation mostly on the Tree Mortality Disaster Declaration that she initiated in July. Since then, with the support of the other supervisors and county organizations such as the Office for Emergency Services, she has been building support to convince the Governor to declare a disaster for affected areas. While it's still in progress, she has successfully got other counties to do their own declarations. She has been working with state agencies such as CalFire and the Governor's office on how to address the disaster; and has been discussing the impact of losing 50% of our trees so far (maybe up to 70% by next year) on the area. If the Governor declares a state of emergency, she will be looking for funding to help homeowners cut down and remove dead trees that threaten homes, infrastructure and roads. The club appreciates Supervisor Smallcombe's hard work on this issue; we will keep everyone updated on any progress.

August Meeting Saturday, August 8

For the meeting, this month is about politics - we are kicking off the political season with three current or aspiring politicians – Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (pictured above with Club President Cameron Burley), Robert Carabas, and Robert Derlet, MD – speaking at our August 8th meeting.

Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, a member of the Appropriations Committee, updated us on some issues he is working on, including a license plate to fund domestic violence and sexual assault programs. While Mr. Gomez is from the Los Angeles area, he has sponsored and promoted many bills which help all Californians, as this one will. Please come to hear what he’s working on and what we can do to help.

Along with Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, we had two potential candidates from Tuolumne County. Robert Carabas is in the early stages of organizing a campaign for the California 5th Assembly District while Robert Derlet, MD is considering running for the 4th Congressional District Seat.

July Meeting Saturday, July 11

July's meeting is a good one. Ok, we always say it - but we think you'll want to mark your calendar for this one. It's jampacked with good stuff!



For speakers, we will be having our Jefferson Award winner, Gabi Tovar, read her essay. Then Bob Johns, Mariposa County Veterans Service Officer, will be discussing CalVets and what his office can do to assist our veterans, and especially those that are homeless. Here's an article on CalVets, but we urge everyone to come ask questions in person!

After the speakers, we're going to be discussing some political victories in the Supreme Court and in the state legislature. It was quite a year for Supreme Court decisions; let's get ourselves up to date!

We also are going to remind everyone about the Mining conditional use permit issue that will be in front of the Board of Supervisors soon after the meeting.

And of course we want to encourage everyone to mark Labor Day weekend on their calendars - join us on the float Saturday morning, and visit our booth at the Fair! We will see you all Saturday, July 11, 9:00 am to purchase breakfast, 9:45 for meeting, Miner's Roadhouse, Mariposa, CA

June Meeting

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At the June meeting, we heard from you! Everyone had up to 2 minutes to discuss a topic that is near and dear to their heart -politics, state of the world, cultural, local, whatever. Some of these topics started an interesting discussion, so we will probably do it again. The Club also received a report the State Democratic Convention held in Anaheim in May. Rosemarie and Steve Smallcombe and Les Marsden attended from our Democratic Central Committee and Rosemarie and Steve gave a quick report on the Convention and showed a video (see above) featuring a Highlight video from the State Party followed by clips from convention speeches by Gavin Newsom, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Barney Frank.

We also have a bylaws change for the next meeting; the state party has asked that clubs clarify what exactly is a "member in good standing". We need to give 10 days notice, so this is your notice!

Current Article 1:

Membership will be open to registered Democrats, or to those who will become registered Democrats upon eligibility. Members must be at least 14 years of age. At least 80% of the membership must reside within Mariposa County

Proposed change to the By-Laws (ARTICLE I - MEMBERSHIP):

Primary Members, or Members in Good Standing, are those members who are registered as Democrats in Mariposa County and whose dues are paid for the current membership year. Only Members in Good Standing will be eligible for the club Executive Committee, for participation as club representatives in California Democratic Party (CDP) or California Democratic Council (CDC) activities, or inclusion in any rosters of membership submitted to the CDP or CDC. Club representatives to CDP and CDC activities will be chosen by the Executive Committee of the club.

Non-Primary Members are those members whose dues are paid for the current membership year and who either are not registered as Democrats in Mariposa County and/or whose primary affiliation is with another Democratic Club.

May Meeting

Kevin Bowman

In May, we had Kevin Bowman from KRYZ radio talk to us. This is a community radio station - currently internet only, but hopefully broadcasting on 98.5 by mid-July. They need volunteers (engineers, hosts, DJs) and subscribing members - check out their website at www.kryzradio.org to listen to the stream, to volunteer, or to donate. They will need local content, so this is the perfect chance for you to hone your skills! Maybe you are the next Rachel Maddow! Kevin and crew will help you learn the ropes, so let them know if you have an idea for local content.

April Meeting

Mark Rowney

It was great to hear from Mr. Rowney, head of the Mariposa Public Utility District (MPUD), who is in the trenches, dealing with water shortages and with the new directive from the state to cut back 25%. MPUD was established in 1947. The District provides water, wastewater and fire protection services to the town of Mariposa. The District currently has 722 service connections and is approximately 873 acres in size. Policy is established by a Board of Directors which consists of five members elected at large.

After he spoke at our April meeting, Mark kindly offered us a tour of the MPUD water plant; we did the tour Saturday May 16th, and it was great! Several people said it was the best tour they had been on in quite awhile. Because some people had other obligations - the state Democratic Convention is this weekend and there was a Master Gardener's event - if there is sufficient interest we will arrange for another tour in the fall, hopefully on a less busy weekend.

March Meeting

We are lucky to have Glenn Franklin of the RCD (Resource Conservation District) to present to us. Their mission is "to encourage and facilitate cooperative solutions to local resources conservation issues and problems."

February Meeting

Robin HarperRobin Hopper, Superintendent of Mariposa Public Schools, reviewed the Common Core Standard as it has been implemented across the United States and locally. You can see her presentation here.

Chevon KothariJanuary Meeting

Chevon Kothari, Director, Human Services, Mariposa County, spoke to our club in January. She gave an overview of her department. More details of Chevon's presentation will be added as they become available.

No December Meeting.

November Meeting

Dave WilliamsThe Mariposa Democratic Club was pleased to have Dave Williams talk to us about Fracking and its Side Effects at our meeting on Saturday, November 8. Dave has kindly provided a list of references and materials for further reading about this very timely topic.

Dave Williams previously served as a consultant to the Oil and Gas Industry in Southern California and Arizona from 1988 until 2005 conducting numerous soil and groundwater contamination assessment and remediation projects for oil and gasoline pollution. Before that he worked on various projects including the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project in Louisiana and Texas, a Water Resources investigation in Nevada and Utah for siting of the MX Missile System and surface water and groundwater monitoring projects for the USGS Water Resources Division in Northern Florida.

The Mariposa Democratic Club meets the second Saturday of every month at Miner's Roadhouse Restaurant. Join us at 9:00 a.m. if you want to purchase breakfast or at 9:45 a.m. for the speaker and meeting. Call 209-742-1010 if questions.

November Election Recommendations and Endorsements

The California Democratic Party has published recommendations and endorsements for the November election. Here is a summary of the Party's recommendations for the offices and ballot initiatives applicable to Mariposa County.

September Meeting:

The main topic was presented by Ms. Sally Uribe speaking about homelessness in our community and how the churches are responding. Project Open Arms has been providing meals and some overnight facilities for quite some time; this is a group of churches that have stepped up to help our homeless.

Labor Day Parade:

Labor Day Parade Float 2014One highpoint of the Mariposa Dem Club's yearly activities happens on Labor Day weekend when we have a float in the Labor Day Parade and a booth at the Mariposa County Fair. In past years our float was based on an older very heavy 32 x 12 foot trailer that required considerable effort by many members to expand from its road-legal configuration to its parade configuration and then back again after the parade. Accordingly, many club members were in favor of abandoning the parade this year rather than risk any more fingers installing floor boards. The Club Presidents decided to modify a 16x8 foot trailer they own for parade use and as a result we had not only a float trailer that was easier to haul, it was parade ready when it arrived in town and was much faster and easier to decorate. Plus the new trailer was much more appropriately sized for the number of riders we have come to expect for this event. While 16 people is a good turnout, they looked pretty scarce on the larger trailer. I think everyone involved appreciated the new float trailer and we will no doubt use it in future years.

Here is a video, thanks to the Sierra Sun Times, of our Democratic Club Float at that 2014 Labor Day Parade. A video of the entire Labor Day Parade provided by the Sierra Sun Times is available here. Note that the Democratic Club Float appears at approximately 15:57 and the Republican Central Committee Float is at approximately 17:20.

August Meeting:

We are having our August meeting this Sat, Aug 9, at Miner's Roadhouse, 9:00 to purchase breakfast, 9:45 for meeting.

We will be having our Jefferson Award winner read her winning essay; and Rosemarie Smallcombe will cover key elements of propositions on the Nov. ballot, including the pros/cons of some of the more controversial ones. And finally we'll be discussing our plans for the Labor Day parade and the Fair booth!

July Meeting: There was no meeting in July.

June Meeting:

SST Video

Steve and Rosemarie Smallcombe, gave a talk on the project at the Mariposa Democratic Meeting on June 14th, 2014. The event was taped by the Sierra Sun Times and the audio of that talk was combined with the slides on the following link.

The possible biomass facility has been getting a lot of attention lately, including being discussed at various candidates' forums. We thought it would be great to have one of the people involved brief us on what is being considered and why.

Much of the impetus for this program is the growing recognition that we need to reduce the fuel load in our forests for the sake of forest health and fire safety. The big question is what is the best way to deal with the slash produced in this effort with respect to costs and benefits to the environment, climate change and our local economy?

The proposal is that a woody biomass facility in Mariposa County would use slash from forest thinning projects for the generation of bioenergy and commercial byproducts. The facility would produce a revenue stream that should help finance forest thinning projects, attract new industries and jobs to the County, and possibly have other positive economic and environmental benefits for the county and the region.

More information available at the Mariposa Biomass Project Website.

RosemaireDemocratic Party Endorsements

The California Democratic Party has now listed their endorsements for various State and Federal offices and their recommendations on two of the ballot measures.

Locally, the Mariposa Democratic Party (Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee) has endorsed Rosemarie Smallcombe (Club Co-President) for District 1 Supervisor.

May Meeting:

Pete OlsonBecky Crafts

The Club was pleased to have Supervisor for District 3 candidate, Pete Olson, who missed our April Meeting, address the group, as well as Becky Crafts, incumbent in the Assessor/Recorder race. Neil Stonum, a candidate for Assessor/Recorder had to cancel his appearance at the last minute because of health problems in the family.

April Meeting:

Brad and Rosemarie

All of the District 1 and 4 of the District 3 candidates spoke at the April Mariposa Democratic Club Meeting. Here is a link to a video taken by the Sierra Sun Times of the various candidates and the Q&A sessions. In the picture above, our Club Vice Chair, Cameron Burley is asking a question of District 1 candidates, Rosemarie Smallcombe (Club Co-President) and Brad Aborn. Karen Smith spoke at the event, but had to leave immediately after her opening statement.

District 3

Four of the District 3 candidates, Kris Casto, Ronika Johnson, Marshall Long and Bryant Gomes spoke and answered questions from the audience. Pete Olson will speak at our May meeting.

March Meeting:

RickSpeaker: Rick Benson, CAO

Mr. Benson addressed the club re the upcoming ballots for the County Service Area #3 (CSA3); this is the same fee that we approved before. However, the county auditor feels the vote was in error, so this new vote is intended to address his concerns. If passed, the fee won’t change nor will the length of time it will be assessed. If it doesn’t pass, the fee won’t necessarily go away; it will depend if the BOS repeals it or not.

Because of the CSA, we have 11 new fire engines and 4 water tenders. For the fire stations, Chief Wilson got ARRA grants. The stations ended up costing more than expected; the extra funding came from grants, the CSA and tobacco settlement money (no general funds were used).

The BOS is setting aside money each year from the general fund to pay for equipment in the future; this year it was roughly $170,000.

Mr. Benson then discussed the history of the lawsuit and how he checked with outside counsel (who said the CSA was legal but mistakes were made). There were various options (see the link) but the BOS decided to do a revote; it is believed a yes vote will help with the lawsuit.

Mr. Benson wanted to be clear that this has nothing to do with the state's SRA fee (roughly $115 to $150 per piece of property).

A link to the full audio recording of Mr. Benson talk is here.


February Meeting

The Mariposa Democratic Club is pleased to announce Ameen Khan, Senator Barbara Boxer's Director for Central and Eastern California, will be speaking at our meeting on Feb. 8th at 9:45 a.m. at Miner's Roadhouse Restaurant.

Senator Boxer has been serving as our senator since 1992; Mr. Khan has been working in this office since 2005. In his current position, he covers 15 counties. He will be able to update us on what Sen. Boxer has done for our county and state, and what her plans are for future initiatives. We also hope to get ideas from him on what we can do to make our county "more blue" as well as what we should be focusing on this election year.

Prior to working with Sen. Boxer, Mr. Khan worked for the late Rep. Bob Matsui and his wife, Rep. Doris Matsui. He is a graduate of UC Davis.

The Mariposa Democratic Club meets the second Saturday of every month at Miner's Roadhouse Restaurant. Join us at 9:00 a.m. if you want to purchase breakfast or at 9:45 a.m. for the speaker. Call 209-742-1010 if questions.

January Meeting

Alan McPhee

Alan MacPhee, CEO of John C Fremont Hospital spoke. He pointed out that the Hospital is trying to be more visible in the community, and said that in this week's Mariposa Gazette they have a writeup on cases the hospital has seen over the last year and a half.

He also thanked the Mariposa Democrats and Co-President Rosemarie Smallcombe for their successful effort to restore funding to rural hospitals and asked for our continued help in the future, both in assuring adequate hospital funding and in educating the community on the importance the Hospital to our community. During the Q&A session, club member, and member of the Hospital Board or Directors, Suzette Prue affirmed that if the funding cuts from the State were not fully restored, not only would the Ewing Wing Skilled Nursing Facility close, but likely the whole hospital.

Ben LeetBen Leet then gave a quick talk comparing the true unemployment rate to the officially reported rate and trends over the last 20 years.

Rosemarie Smallcombe, Club Co-President, then addressed the group on her thoughts about Mariposa County, why she is running for the Board of Supervisors in District 1, and her suggestions on how we might improve Mariposa's economy.


December Potluck

Xmas Party 2013

For our December meeting we had a holiday potluck at the Catheys Valley Community Center.

November Meeting - Sheriff Doug Bennewies and Alan MacPhee








In November our guest speakers Sheriff Doug Bennewies and Alan MacPhee the new permanent CEO of the John C. Fremont Hospital District.

October Meeting - Frank Bigelow


Our October Meeting featured Assembly member Frank Bigelow

September Meeting, County Fair Booth and Labor Day Parade Float

Don Florence

Our guest speaker at our September meeting was Don Florence (left), OES Emergency Planner for Mariposa County.


Booth 2013

Our float in the Labor Day Parade and Dem Club Booth at the County Fair always get September off to a busy start.

August Meeting - Senator Alex Padilla in Mariposa

Alex Padilla

State Senator Alex Padilla met with Mariposa County Democrats on August 1st and asked for our support in his bid to become the next California Secretary of State.  Additional information about Senator Padilla can be found here.

Jim Spotts

Our Club Treasurer, dear friend and true gentleman, Jim Spotts passed away on July 14th. He will be truly missed.

July Meeting: Speaker - Lee Stetson District 1 Mariposa County Supervisor

Lee StetsonMr.

Stetson was very positive about the state of the county. He has seen a lot of improvements; he mentioned there are only 4 department heads remaining from when he was supervisor during his first term and praised all of the current dept heads.  He said he ran for the board again because he really liked the new supervisors and has found them good to work with. More details on the meeting are available here.

June Meeting: Speaker – Lt. Cody Hart, Jail Commander

Cody HartLt.

Hart gave a great presentation on the county jail and the changes that are happening with realignment. He has been with the department for 10 plus years, so he has some good history with it. More details on the meeting are available here.


May Meeting - Report on the State Democratic Convention

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The May meeting focused on reports from Mariposa County's delegates to the State Democratic Convention in April. The Democratic State Convention general session on Saturday, April 13, featured speeches from state party leaders as well as a few private citizens with important messages who were invited to speak. Steve and Rosemarie Smallcombe and Christina Oborn put together a video montage (above) of some of the Session's representative moments to share with Mariposa Democratic Club and Central Committee members. More details on the meeting are available here.

Spring Fling in El Portal

Spring Fling

On April 27th the Mariposa Democratic Club had a voter registration booth at the Spring Fling in El Portal.

April Meeting: Speaker - David Hill, CEO of John C Fremont District

David Hill discussed how, even with the Medi-Cal expansion, the state is still trying to cut Medi-Cal by $1.7 billion this year. Details on the April Meeting are available here.

March Meeting

Jim Ryingsword


The March Mariposa Democratic Club March meeting featured Jim Rydingword, Director Mariposa Human Services board who spoke about the services that his department provides for the citizens of Mariposa County; and Mike McCreary from the John C. Fremont Hospital who spoke about some of the financial challenges that our local hospital is facing.  For details on what was said and other club business conducted at the meeting, click here.

February Meeting

Kathleen Morse

Kathleen Morse, Chief of Planning for Yosemite National Park, spoke our meeting on Saturday, February 9th at 9:45 a.m. at Miner's Roadhouse Restaurant. Don Neubacher, the Superintendent of Yosemite National Park, also attended the meeting to answer questions from the audience. Here are more pictures and details of the meeting, as well as a web-based and pdf version of Kathleen's talk.

Treasurer's Reports

Treasurer's Reports are now available online. See the new Treasurer's Page.

The February-March 2013 Issue of the Mountain Democrat Newsletter is now available.

Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee

We now have a webpage that provides information on the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee and our February meeting, called by Interim Chair Aaron Marcus, in which many new members were sworn in.  At our next meeting in March we will elect permanent officers and our representative to the State Democratic Party’s Executive Board.

Pax Christi Module on Climate Change starting on February 7th

Mariposa Pax Christi is a social justice organization affiliated with the Catholic Church that conducts workshops on subjects of interest to our community.  These workshops are open to everyone and your club Presidents, while not Catholics, have found past presentations very informative and useful.  This module is on Climate Change and our need to protect God’s creation.  Hope to see you there. For Details. (Updated 2/3/2013)

January Meeting


Our January meeting featured Dick Whittington, YARTS Transit Manager. Since YARTS started in May, 2000, it has provided an alternatives to driving for over 515,000 riders in the Yosemite region.  Click here for details on Dick’s presentation.

December Meeting

Our December meeting will be a lunchtime holiday potluck! Please join us at MidPines County park, noon-ish, on Sat., December 8th! Bring friends, family, acquaintances and your favorite dish to share!

Newsletter: The December 2012-January 2013 Mountain Democrat is now available.

Mariposa Democratic Club November 2012 Meetings

The Mariposa Democratic Club held two events in November right after the election.  On election night, we had a party at the Hideout Saloon in Mariposa with about 50 people in attendance.  Good beer, good snacks, good friends, a great location and a good night in general for Democrats lead to a very festive occasion. The celebration continued at our November Club Meeting on the 10th.  Details here.


2012 Mariposa County Fair and Labor Day Parade

Labor Day Weekend was a busy and productive time for the Mariposa Democratic Club with our booth at the County Fair and our float in the Labor Day parade.


Click here for more photos as we set up the booth, talked to people during the 4 days the booth was up at the fair, and then tore it down again.


The Mariposa Democrats Labor Day Parade Float went through the same process on Saturday in a matter of a few hours!

Thanks to all the volunteers that made these events so successful.


Kevin Cann

August Meeting: Supervisor Kevin Cann gave a very good explanation to the Club at our August Meeting of the need for H.R. 3640. Click here for more details.

Here is an excellent letter to the editor by one of our members, Lucille Apcar about Government By The People Or By The Corporations?

John CarrierJuly Meeting: We had a very full July meeting with John Carrier, a candidate for Mariposa County Supervisorial district 5 as our featured speaker and lots of mini-presentations, including two short videos about how consumers create jobs. For details on the meeting and to see the presentations click here.





Dan Flaming

June Meeting: We had a very exciting meeting on June 9th with our featured speaker, Daniel Flaming, talking about how being a small, rural county shapes Mariposa's economy.  His recent study brings together information that has not been available before to look at where tourists spend money, the role of agriculture and its strengths, where job growth is happening, wage trends, how Mariposa compares to neighboring counties, and possibilities for sustaining growth. For more info about the meeting and to view Dan's presentation click here.

2012 Jefferson Award Winner Announced! The Mariposa Democratic Club is pleased to announce the winner of this year's Jefferson Award - Grace Joseph.

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Wondering about who is responsible for high gas prices or the facts about Obamacare?  Try our FAQ!

Want to see the presentations from past Mariposa Democratic Club meetings again? Try our presentations page, now with embeded videos.

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