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LGBTQ advocate to discuss Pride and attitudes in Mariposa

Hall at the June 26 event

Katie Hall, the leader of the first Gay Pride event in Mariposa is the next special guest of the Mariposa Democratic Club. She will be the guest speaker on Saturday, July 10 at 10am via Zoom.

Hall moved to Mariposa from San Jose with her parents while in high school and was a bit taken aback by the culture change. Hall’s experience during that time fueled a desire to create a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ Mariposians. Now, after earning a degree in psychology at UC Merced and returning to Mariposa, Hall is doing just that.

Gay Pride celebrations began decades ago in major cities as a way for gay citizens to work for non-discrimination policies and laws to protect their ability to work, rent an apartment, receive medical treatment, and receive a host of other civil rights. It was also an attempt to let gay people know they aren’t alone in the world and there are others like themselves and they aren’t bad people. As Hall explains, “My mission in Mariposa Pride is to celebrate LGBTQ+ life, rights, and visibility. Mariposa is a safe, loving, and accepting home for LGBTQ+ humans.”

The first event happened in Mariposa on June 26, thanks to Hall. Now is the time for reflection and moving a path forward for the small, but ever-present Mariposa LGBTQ community.

Members of the Mariposa Democratic Club will receive an invitation to register for this event. The public can join the meeting by requesting a link at mariposademclub@gmail.com. The club hopes to move to in person meetings in August.

After the guest presentation members will have a discussion about the effort to recall Gov. Newsom and the 2022 Congressional races. Plans for the fair will also be revealed.

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Welcome to our new web site!

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